A Message from Kimberly Key, CEO

Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Sacramento

The challenges that our families are facing today make our mission even more critical. As we all continue to navigate these uncertain times, it is very important to us that we continue to bring hope and opportunity to our kids despite what is happening in the world around them.  As we look ahead to the holidays, we know that many things look different this year but we are committed to making sure that our kids still have experiences that they will always remember. WE CARE is the event that Club members look forward to and we are thrilled that this year will be no exception! A big thank you to MTA and all of the firms that are making this happen for our Club kids during this very special time of year.
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Participating Firms - Team Leaders

Borges Architectural Group - Karenda MacDonald

Boulder Associates, Inc. - Dana Merck

Comstock Johnson Architects, Inc. - Dan Eriksson

DGA - Jenny Spradlin

Dreyfuss + Blackford - Tabitha Pontino

DLR Group - Cheyenne Miller

ESC - Carlos Palomino

HGA - Lotos Young

Hibser Yamauchi Architects - Priscilla Martinez

HMC Architects - Raija Clar

JKAE - Chelsea Roberts

Lionakis - Carol Yang

LPA - Stacy Auslam

LPAS Architecture + Design - Kim Moore

Rainforth Grau Architects - Suzanne Sasaki-Hartstein

RMW - Sierra Scott

Stantec - Sherene D. Cooper

Williams + Paddon - Regina Souchek