Winters Healthcare

MTA helps a care organization create a state-of-the-art facility specializing in personalized, community-based care.

Photos of Winters Healthcare lobby

Project Date | 2020

Location | Winters, CA

Industry | Healthcare

Design Firm/Architect | Hibser Yamauchi Architects

Featured Furnishings | ERG International, Arcadia, Maverick

Winters Healthcare built a brand-new building to bring all of their teams and services together. HY Architects and MTA worked together to create a beautiful and functional space for Winters Healthcare.

As a non-profit organization it was important for Winters Healthcare to maximize the value in their furniture choices. MTA helped keep the furniture expenses for the back-office areas low, while still providing quality furniture and ergonomic features like height adjustable sit-to stand desks for their employees. This creative value engineering allowed Winters Healthcare to focus the majority of their budget on the public serving spaces.

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