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Perks for Pods

Enter to win a free Framery One pod through August 31, 2022

Photo of an office worker on a child

Many organizations are eager to get employees back in the office and offering enhanced perks to incentivize their return. But the pool tables, beanie bags, complimentary snacks, and ball pit meeting rooms are not enticing enough to bring them back.

Photo of Framery One and Framery Q soundproof booths

According to a recent study by Framery Acoustics, 57% of workers agree that access to private workspaces is perk, leading them to launch Perks for Pods, a campaign to trade them your useless perk for a Framery One.

Through August 31, office workers are invited to submit a photo or video of their useless perk to enter to win a prize drawing for one of three soundproof private workspaces. That foosball-table no one ever plays with? Those slightly uncomfortable beanbags? That candy-filled water cooler? All viable currency. Enter your worst perk and earn bragging rights on their Gallery of Useless Office Perks!

Framery’s soundproof booths solve noise and privacy issues in open offices, resulting in happier and more productive employees. A winner in the 2022 GREEN GOOD DESIGN, their office phone booths, pods, and private workspaces are used by dozens of the world’s leading companies and 40% of businesses on the Forbes 100 list.

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