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Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

At MTA, we are committed to enhancing the healthcare experience for both caregivers and patients.

Our team of PEAK Healthcare Certified Designers leverages cutting-edge technology, like advanced Revit software for 3D BIM models, to seamlessly integrate furniture into healthcare environments. We understand that healthcare workplace design significantly impacts well-being, and we're at the forefront of innovation, actively collaborating on the Clinic of the Future Standards with Dignity Health.

The healthcare landscape is evolving rapidly, with telemedicine gaining importance. Our designers are well-versed in technology's role in healthcare design, ensuring that spaces remain patient-centered. Furthermore, our expertise includes HCAI (OSHPD) submittals, essential for compliance with Title 24 California Building Standards Code. We're also proud holders of the Solomon Coyle Project Management Certification, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to project excellence.

In healthcare, one size doesn't fit all. Every healthcare facility is unique, with diverse environments, each having distinct requirements. Our healthcare furniture and services are tailored to meet these needs, optimizing caregiver activities and enhancing patient and family comfort to improve care quality and satisfaction.

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Delivering the Future of Healthcare

MTA and MillerKnoll are your partners in delivering the future of healthcare. We understand the importance of equitable access to healthcare and are well-versed in California's regulatory landscape, including the transition to the Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI).

Together, we create flexible, future-ready spaces for patients, guests, and staff. Our multifunctional solutions support various needs, from exams and virtual visits to consultations and staff relaxation areas. With MTA and MillerKnoll, you can bring new healthcare facilities online faster, ensuring they're prepared to adapt to tomorrow's challenges while elevating the experiences of caregivers, patients, and guests.

Dedicated Services

MTA is your all-in-one destination for comprehensive healthcare solutions designed to meet the unique demands of the healthcare industry. With a dedicated team of experts, we streamline the transformation of healthcare spaces into efficient, patient-centric environments. Our holistic approach encompasses strategic consultation, innovative space planning and design, meticulous project management, and seamless delivery and installation.

Strategic Excellence

Our Strategy and Consultation team serves as your primary point of contact, collaborating with healthcare providers, A+D firms, contractors, and suppliers. They guide you in understanding your healthcare facility's unique needs, defining project scopes, and crafting personalized solutions aligned with your objectives.

Inspired Healthcare Environments

MTA's highly skilled designers, certified and experienced in healthcare environments, collaborate with our Strategy and Consultation experts to bring your healthcare vision to life. Their detailed renderings specify healthcare-centric furnishings, fixtures, and finishes, ensuring your space is both inspiring and functional.

Efficiency and Excellence

Our dedicated project managers oversee every aspect of healthcare projects, working closely with healthcare providers, suppliers, and our installation team. They meticulously plan, schedule, and coordinate healthcare job sites, ensuring rigorous quality control, timely resolution of punch lists, and ongoing client support.

Exceptional Delivery and Service

MTA's delivery and installation crew work in tandem with our project managers to ensure healthcare products are delivered and installed with precision, tailored to your facility's exact requirements. These full-time employee-owners prepare and organize healthcare job sites, handling assembly, relocation, and removal of furnishings as needed, exceeding expectations.

Tailored Furnishings and Beyond

With six decades of experience and strong industry relationships, MTA connects you to top modern healthcare furnishings. Our extensive network of over 200 manufacturers enables us to offer substantial discounts through various contracts across education, federal government, healthcare, and more.

End-to-End Care

MTA's Service Operations team specializes in warranty, repair, and maintenance services for healthcare furniture systems, ensuring your assets remain in top condition, supporting your commitment to quality patient care.

Asset Management

Our comprehensive asset management services include storage, reconfiguration, relocation, and move management, allowing you to track, maintain, and manage your healthcare assets seamlessly.

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