Alex, 8
Nervous System Disorder

Impact of a Wish - Meet Alex 

"I wish to go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium."

Having only eight years of life on his plate so far, young Alex has been diagnosed with the unique genetic related disorder with cerebellum atrophy. Alex has always been different from other children-- as an infant, he never crawled or spoken any words. His parents enrolled him into a special needs pre-school at the age of 3. His condition is so rare that it took two MRIs and multiple series of genetic tests over the course of his first three years of life before his Neurologist was able to determine the diagnosis. Due to the rarity of his condition, Alex will require genetic counseling. Twice a month, Alex has a Home Health Nurse that visits to assess and document his condition. While he cannot walk due to his neurodegenerative condition, he can get around quite independently in his wheelchair. Alex is non-verbal but has a customized AAC device that helps him communicate his thoughts to the world around him.

Alex is very social and loves his schoolmates and service providers. He also has a pet Bulldog named "Seven", who is completely devoted to him! He loves to spoil her with treats and shower her with affection. He loves to have fun and is always the life of the party. Everyone that works with him says that he is a true spark of joy to work with, thanks to his sweetheart and stellar sense of humor! Alex has a fascination with cars and trucks that is unequivocal to anything else. He enjoys riding in anything with wheels so much that he refuses to fall asleep during the ride because he doesn't want to miss a thing! 

Alex may have a fascination with the world of motorized vehicles, but it cannot compare to the joy and peace that he feels when he visits the ocean. He loves the small things and the big things, from the sand to make friends with the dolphins to eating clam chowder from a bread bowl! Alex's family knows that he will truly enjoy himself exploring the wonders of an aquarium, which will certainly be the experience of a lifetime.

MTA is working towards making that adventure come true for Alex and his family.  But we need a little help from our friends.   If you would l.ike to help make Alex's wish come true, please use the link below to donate.  


Use "Wish Kid" in the proposal section and the convenience fee will be waived.