It’s Not Just a Pod, It’s a Way to Revolutionize Work Culture.

Framery pods are making everyday office life happier by providing a place where people can concentrate and work more efficiently. But that’s just the beginning. Many clients are describing how Framery pods are changing their entire work culture.

The pod is a place where people automatically go to brainstorm, write or ideate with a colleague. Noise is reduced, and work becomes more efficient. Happier.

Framery is excited to unveil Framery One, the world’s first connected phone booth. Video conferencing has become a core facet of business today. Research shows that by the end of 2021, 30% of the global workforce will work remotely multiple days per week, leading to increased video conference calls. Open offices typically lack a variety of conference rooms and quiet areas to work, limiting video conference ability. Framery set out to create a product that solved these evolving workplace needs and developed a solo workspace for efficient video conferences. With Framery One, meetings and virtual conference calls can occur within these spaces without disturbing those around them. The top-of-the-line futureproof pod combines 4G technology and a digital ecosystem with superior acoustics and Framery’s distinguished design DNA.

Framery One

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